Working out on the road: Three ways to stay fit while travelling


I’m home after an 8-day trip traveling from the U.S. to Asia and back.  That’s 16 time zones in 8 days. My circadian rhythm interruption and associated fatigue make it a challenge to keep my exercise routine – routine.

As a coach and trainer, these are the 3 ways I’ve found to keep your workout consistent while on the road.


1.  Decide

Choose what workout you’re going to do, your normal “at home” or “road warrior” workout.

You may be familiar with the hotels and equipment available.  So, plan ahead to chose which workout is most suitable.

For example, if you know the gyms you’re going to have no gear, you could plan a cardio (equipment free) week.


2.  Have a plan

If you don’t have plan and just do what you feel like for that day, you’ll feel like doing nothing.

Know your routine, and have alternates if equipment is not available. If you like the elliptical trainer and there’s not one, what’s your backup?

Over the past 4 years I have had great success with Beachbody’s P90X & P90X2. Traveling for a living, I’ve found that even with no equipment I have a floor for Yoga, Plyometrics, or Recovery & Mobility.  These are my back-up plans.

If you need a plan; weight loss, strength, endurance, hypertrophy…add a comment or email me with your goals, what exercises you enjoy, and duration of exercise.  Together, we’ll design the framework of a program that’s right for you.


3. Commit

Those days you’re simply not feeling it, just show up for the workout.  Give yourself permission to only do 50%.  You’ll more than likely exceed that, but it’s a motivator for action.

The benefits of working out during your travels will help with sleep, decrease cortisol levels and stress, increase mood through endorphin release (24hr. duration), and will sustain your goals you set back home.


What challenges keep you from working out while on the road?




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