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2014-01-24_15-36-57I’ve been a fan of Red Laser developed by Ebay for sometime.  Going to BestBuy, Home Depot, Staples…I’ve saved literally hundreds of dollars by competitive “price matching” at these stores.  What I didn’t know was there is a new (to me) Nutrition Tool that is part of the app.


The Nutrition Tool of Red Laser

What I’ve recently discovered, is the ability to make instant “smart choices” while grocery shopping.

Say it’s a choice between an “Organic” Cliff Bar or a Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey.

photophoto 1 I’ll scan Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey.  I see a C Food Grade, Allergens:  Cereal, Soy, Gluten and Corn Allergens. 190 calories with a C grade.  I’ll pass.


photo 2Next, I’ll scan the Cliff Bar and find the nutrition facts.  C- Food Grade, Allergens: Cereal, Milk, Sulfites, Soy, Sesames, Gluten & Corn.

The ads say this is a good choice.  240 Calories for a 2.4 oz bar and C-.  I’ll keep looking.


Equipped with this, I can do a quick scan with comparable items and have the Nutrition Facts, Allergens, Food Grade and competitors prices.  I can keep scanning until I find a B or better.


Marketing, Food Choices and Consequence

According to the Journal of Preventive Medicine, 88% of TV Food Ads were for foods of poor nutritional quality.  While many factors contribute to adult/childhood obesity and poor diets, food marketing affects our food choices, preferences, diets and our health.

The CDC in 2010 reported that 69% of Americans 21 yrs and older are overweight and of this figure, 36% are obese.  Obesity rates are tripling in developing countries.  According to CIA world fact book, the US is ranked 18 out of 193 countries. American Samoa is #1, Egypt is #17 and Ethiopia is #193. Ironically, as the most advanced nation in the world, we are the most overweight/obese developed country in the world.

Tools to Change

Equipped with the desire to change and the knowledge of nutrition, we can begin to reverse this trend. I was flying home from Honolulu last week when my co-pilot asked me what percent diet plays in health and fitness.  I had to think for a moment as I never put a number to it.  I’m a proponent of an “off day” or “cheat day” to make healthy eating sustainable. So, my answer is 86% of the time we should be eating well.

The Red Laser app is just another tool in my arsenal to make educated choices in healthy eating.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.





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