How Many Calories Can the Body Process in One Day?

Christmas DinnerI think the question we all want to know is if we eat a huge meal, let’s go crazy and say 7000 calories, how many calories will be converted to energy stores and how many will go straight to waste? I mean, can the body really store all that food we just ate?




3500 caloriesIf we do the math, 3500 calories equals one pound, thus our 7000 calorie meal should equate to a two pound weight gain.  But does it?  Bare in mind that a pound of fat translates to a greater body weight due to the water concentration of the fat tissue.




Portein fat and carbNot all foods are digested with identical efficiency.

The 3 Macronutrients of protein, carbs, and fat are the main components our diet and serve to perform the vital functions of the body.



On average:

1.  High-quality animal-source proteins are digested with roughly 90-95% efficiency.

2. Vegetable sources proteins have about 80-85% efficiency.

3. Fats digest with about 97% efficiency.

4. Carbs can be as low as 80% depending on the fiber content.

Depending upon the meal, our body is better than 90% efficient in digestion.

Digestion is the process of breaking down food by mechanical and enzymatic action in the alimentary canal into substances that can be used by the body.


SurivalThe human body is a designed for survival.

1.  When you alter your diet to lose weight, you become more efficient at burning calories  Long term behavior will lead to the “starvation mode” response.

2.  Conversely, if you increase your daily caloric intake, the body’s furnace will turn up in response to digestion.  The body uses about 7% of your BMR for digestion.

3.  Physically active people have a higher daily caloric burn than their sedentary counterpart.

The Bottom Line

I’ve spent the last month trying to find something to the contrary without any proof.  Science dictates that the body is quite efficient in the digestion and storage of food. Sorry to report this as I’m just as disappointed as you! I’ll just increase the workouts to make up for it, I hope.

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