Nobody likes the word obesity. But, unfortunately its presence is an undeniable fact in our country. According to the CDC, more than one-third (35.7%) of Americans are Obese & 69.2% are overweight.

With this startling figure in mind, the goal of this website is to EndThisTrend of obesity in our country through science-based, unbiased, education of fitness & nutrition.

By education and cooperative feedback, WE will confront the obstacles in our lives that prevent us from leading an otherwise long, and healthy life.

By shedding light on the science behind our body’s operating system, I hope to reveal the how and why of our every day decisions. Science-based, unbiased facts and tutorials on proper eating will encourage and inspire you to make healthy, wise decisions that will keep your body running clean and strong.

Consistency is key in success. With that in mind, I hope to equip you with the proper tools and training to end the trend of obesity in our society.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

Now you’re probably asking what makes me qualified to write about the subject of obesity? What’s my story and why am I so passionate about it?

Well, let me tell you.

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