A Diet That Makes Sense – How I lost 15 Pounds in Six Weeks and Kept It Off

The diet cycleAs a health & fitness advocate and personal trainer, when the word diet comes across my path I cringe.  As a temporary fix to a long term problem, trendy diets aren’t typically sustainable and they have a negative impact on our metabolism and our self-esteem.

Here’s My Story

I’m a fan of P90X & P90X2.  I’ve been doing the program for quite a while and feel in the best shape of my life.  My problem was I couldn’t drop below 200 pounds.  That last bit around the belly wasn’t coming off.  My wife suggested a book she had just finished reading and thought may help me (something I would be ill-advised of doing for her),  The Blood Sugar Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman.  Before I go further, I have no financial agenda for sharing this.  This worked for our family and I want to share it with you.  As I said earlier, the word diet tends to make me cringe.  She asked that I at least take a look at it.  I ended up reading the book twice, investigating the science behind what Dr. Hyman suggested, and for the first time changing the way I was eating made sense to me.

The Diet

Blood Sugar SolutionMetabolic dysfunction occurs when the pancreas produces a disproportionate amount of insulin to the response of carb uptake.  The cell becomes resistant to the insulin and more insulin is needed to control blood sugar with this carb uptake.  The byproduct is Belly Fat.  The 6 week diet is designed to “reset insulin response”.  When the metabolic dysfunction is under control through this reset, that byproduct of Belly Fat goes away.  15 pounds worth for me!




Our Family Experiment

Last fall  I sat down with my wife, daughter & son-in-law, and asked if we wanted this to be a family thing.  We all agreed & strictly followed the guidelines  from the book.  Now HERE is why this life-style choice (diet) is DIFFERENT from the other diets.  The 6-week diet is meant for the “Insulin Reset”, and then you GO BACK TO NORMAL HEALTHY EATING as advised by Dr. Hyman.  This is where we were all a bit fearful of gaining the weight back. One year later, the 15 pounds I lost, the 20 pounds my wife lost, the 20 pounds my daughter lost and the 15 pounds my son-in-law lost are still LOST.

A “diet” that makes sense!







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